Friday, November 12, 2010

Why Some People Shouldn't Be Left Alone

Yeah so, yeah. I am an idiot. I wax my own brows. I do them mostly because salon waxes make me break out in a rash. I found the product Nad's (I know weird name but good stuff) a while back and have been successfully waxing my brows with no issues....until now.


Gah! Seriously! I was getting in the shower and while I was waiting for it to warm up (my bathroom is on the other side of the house from the water heater so it takes DAYS) I decided to do a quick clean up. Well I am not sure what happened but when I pulled off the strip it seemed like I had a lot of hair on it. Yeah I did:

Umm, yeah. So I have like half a brow. This is my OTHER, GOOD brow:

Notice how it actually goes PAST the outside corner of my eye? WHERE IT IS SUPPOSED TO GO?!?

I should not be allowed to be alone. I swear. I did put on some make-up and filled in what I could, but drawing on my brows wasn't something I was planning on doing until I started dyeing my hair purple and terrorizing the neighborhood kids with my senility. Awesome. Here is the after picture once I put on make-up. Can you tell??

(If you can tell then just lie to me m'kay? I have to be seen in public FOR THE NEXT MONTH WHILE IT HOPEFULLY GROWS BACK, I am a hazard to myself.)

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