Friday, December 2, 2011

Blah Blah, COLD, blah, PROMOTION, Blah, ELECTION, Blah

You know when you have a cold and all you can hear is blah blah blah blah? Yeah that is where I am right now. Muirne brought home a WHOPPER of a head cold and of course me being like 22 years older then her I tend to get more extreme versions and stay sicker longer. Go me. So here I go passing on my blah blah blah to you.

The snot has almost completely taken over my head and sinuses and is starting it's way into my throat and chest. Should be a fun next few weeks. I plan on getting a Neti Pot. Don't know what a Neti Pot is? It was on OPRAH yo!

If the Neti pot doesn't work I figure going into a cold medicine coma is the next best thing. Of course I have to wait for Caspian to get home, get the kids in bed, then talk with him about the latest let-down. You heard it right, we will not be moving the Squirrelly-Gang as of yet, but he seems to think there we other opportunities knocking soon. He is the ultimate persuasion in my promotion positivity. I loves that man.

Of course since he isn't promoting right this minute that means I need to make sure Muirne is signed up for the next month of ballet, that I need to try and get squeezed into my Hair Goddess' books, and that I can at least for this week live life like a normal, settled suburban homemaker. This of course means a trip to Costco, which if you read McMommy you know is a freaking mortgage payment in itself. Yeah me again.

Since I will be at Costco signing away my retirement to pay for my super-sized box of Dino Chicken Nuggets, I should also buy some toilet paper. We are out. Again. Someone around here needs to make sure that quits happening. Isn't there someone in charge here that takes care of things like toiletries and bananas??? Oh wait....

Speaking of toilet paper, we also need some of those flush able toilet wipes and disinfecting surface wipes. I have an almost three year old BOY who LOVES his penie and with it getting bigger and all is missing aim. Even with this cold I can smell the pee in there. Yum.

If you really want something yummy--some food for a political brain--head over and visit Auds at Barking Mad and convince her (an me too) why your favorite candidate should get her vote!!

Now that my cold has totally taken over my brain and I actually typed the word POLITICAL on my nutty blog I must retire. Wish me a speedy recovery. The juveniles can only eat Mc Deaths so many times before they start asking for broccoli.

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