Tuesday, December 6, 2011


That I wasn't even going to attend???

And HOW did I get talked into doing it?? One word: Alandra.

Alandra is my BFF, like almost my sister, in fact most of the time I refer to her as such because we have been so close for so long. She and I have know each other since we were ten years old and she knows me inside and out. However I don't like that she can pretty much talk me into doing anything, and she knows it.

So while at her house about two months ago she informs me that she had been talking to a couple of our former classmates about the reunion. I already don't like where this conversation is going because there had been no reunion planned thus far. She then states that she told them that she and I were going to plan the reunion.


I think all sorts of horrible, vulgar words and instead of stressing my total opposition I feel myself nodding in agreement to the planning and starting to pick out locations. Now I am pretty much coordinating the whole thing. FUDGE!! I don't want to do it! I have enough stuff going on in my personal life that I don't need this added stress.

NOT TO MENTION that I went to school with MORONS. I mean how many times do I have to send messages regarding the e-mail address in order to receive your invitations? Do I really need to post a blog on MySpace or message them all individually like MORE THEN ONCE??? C'mon people!

Oh and my favorite thing is the e-mails from those in my class who are informing me of what I need to do and what I am doing wrong. Umm, FIRST of all, were YOU planning anything before I took this task on? NO. Secondly, how about you SHUT THE DUCK UP if you don't even know what I have already done. M'Kay?? Great.

I am remembering why I didn't talk to 99.9% of these primates for the last decade--Evolution is definitely lacking with this group.

Alandra is lucky that her husband's family are fishermen and own a cannery and they are making me dinner tomorrow, which includes an appetizer of beverages at the wine bar or I might never speak to her again.

I promise to have a much more optimistic and appreciative post next time, but for tonight this is what I've got. It was either blog about it or "accidentally" delete alumni from the list.

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