Thursday, December 8, 2011

Lizzard's Story

I want to preface this post with two things:

1. We really love Lizzard. It may not seem like it as you read this post, but we do love her.

2. We appreciate the Rescue Group for choosing us to adopt Lizzard and we really respect what they do, in fact we still donate to them.

Now that I have gotten that out of the way, here is the story of Lizzard joining the Squirrelly Gang and the events that lead up to the Trip to the Vet and Prozac yesterday.

September 2007: I was told that my Baby House had to be demoed (hysterectomy) though I would no longer have a uterus or cervix and I could no longer bear children I would get to keep my ovaries. Caspian and I had already decided that we would not be having any more children, but the finality of actually NOT BEING ABLE TO CARRY A CHILD was really hard for me. After a phone call to my dearest friend and almost sister Alandra to make sure that she and her husband did not meed my uterus for anything, my demolition was scheduled for October 2nd. The hysterectomy started the downward spiral of my quest to have something else to care for. This quest ended when Caspian agreed to adopting a dog. It was perfect. Fluffy, obedient, a companion. Just what I needed to help with my demo blues.

We had been in talks with a rescue group of Fox Terriers and they had an adorable Wire hair that they thought would be perfect for us as long as she did well with the kids. Well she did! She was affectionate, patient, non-aggressive and adorable. They did warn us of a couple issues she had. First and foremost she had been re-homed 5 times in 18 months. The first information that had on her was from the pound, so she had some separation anxiety. Secondly she was fence jumper and she did not come when called so we would have to be careful to not let her out. Third she chased squirrels. A Lot. Also she was anxious in the car. None of these issues seemed to be that big of a deal, and in comparison to Garbage Day. Garbage day that was not disclosed to us. Or the fact that she had leash issues and was not really afraid of RIDING in the car, but a fear of motor vehicles in general. All in all we were duped into believing that these were "minor issues" or just not told some of them at all.

One week after my Baby House Demo she came to live with us. Things were fine, we kept extra care to not let her escape the yard and we got in the habit of keeping a towel by the back door to wipe off her feet after she chased squirrels. We took her in the car on every trip imaginable and she began to settle in to our family. However, the honeymoon phase started to wear off.

I know, I know, we should not have taken on *any* animal in my state. We know that now, but at the time my hormones (or lack of functionality of them) had taken over and I needed to have something to care for. I was desperate to feel the completion of our family. The juveniles loved her, Caspian loved her, I loved her, but the added stress was building and her issues grew. Still I fought to make her the perfect fit.

As time went on she proved a perfect fit in many ways. She was super affectionate, very mellow, especially for a terrier, she was very good with not only our children but all children, like Golden Retriever good. She slept in her little bed at night, all night after a few months. She loved to be with us. All these great things make the bad things seem like we were dealing with the K-9 version of Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde.

As time progressed we tried all sorts of treatments, therapies, and training. We were gifted The Dog Whisperer DVD's for Christmas, we took her for morning walks (at 5:30am every day), my MIL (Gramma L) is trained in holistic Flower Essence Therapy for Cats and Dogs so she made several different concoctions for Lizzard. These were all on top of the obedience training she had already received from two (that we know of) previous owners. Nothing worked, though the walking seemed to be a little influential for following some commands.

Months passed and her Garbage Days turned into more nervous behavior every day of the week. She started getting up and pacing in the morning while Caspian got ready for work. She even would lay by the shower door and shake as he took his shower. She also began fearing all large vehicles which before she would acknowledge, but did not seem afraid of. She also started making our walks in the morning a traumatic experience to the point that I was afraid to continue them at all for fear of one of us getting really badly hurt, or worse once of us getting hit by a car. She also started peeing and pooping in the house. Not only when we were not home, but when we were just in the other room. Last Tuesday was the final straw. We talked long and hard about it, even speaking to my Gramma L about it and she was also in agreement that Lizzard was beyond normal behavior issues and we needed veterinary help. So Yesterday morning I took her in.

She was the perfect patient (she is also a favorite of the groomers) and after speaking to the most wonderful and compassionate vet we were given a Rx for Prozac and also the name of an animal specialist in behavior. We were also informed that she is not 3-4 years old like we thought but more like 6-7. Not a huge deal, but another lie to add to the list of those told to us by the rescue. We are dragging our feet on taking her to the specialist as of right now. We want to give the Prozac some time to work. That and we are using Rescue Remedy and Gramma L is working on some more essence therapy for her. Yesterday's bill alone for her was nearly $250. I am half considering billing the Rescue for it. I really feel we were terribly mislead.

For now we are accident free in the house and have made our yard completely roam friendly so she can bark and hunt squirrels as much as she likes. The Prozac seems to make her a bit sleepy, but other then that she seems to be handling it well. As I type this she is passed out at my feet. Her favorite spot when I am blogging.

That is the condensed version of The Story Of Lizzard. Any suggestions to how we can make this a home where we all can thrive would be appreciated. And a picture to leave you with:

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