Sunday, December 11, 2011

But there are HOODS and BUTTONS!

Muirne is not a typical girlie girl. Mostly in the sense that she could care less what she wears. I pick her clothes out every day and she gets dressed in whatever is laid out with out complaint.

Except jeans, pants with buttons or back pockets, and hooded tops.

These items send her into an emotional breakdown of epic proportions like all the puppies and kitties in the whole world were killed and she witnessed the carnage. That kind of meltdown. Mostly due to the fact that it's "not comfy" in her car seat.

I've tried several approaches to counter her distaste of all things hooded, pocketed or buttoned. I have sympathized, ignored, adjusted, threatened, even punished her outbursts, but nothing works. I have explained that jeans and hoodies are staples of every woman's wardrobe and that she better get used to it now, because it's going to be a long battle if she doesn't.

It's all in vain.

I longingly look at the adorable jeans, hoodies and embellished pants knowing that no matter the cute, the fury of the red-headed child is not worth it. Once again, I pull another pair of cotton pants off the rack with the coordinating hood-less top and sigh.

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