Friday, December 2, 2011

I Was Channelling Mozart (SFMTY)

Two summers in a row my old roommate and I took trips up to Canada for a week of learning about and soaking in another culture (okay so really we went up there to go to clubs and drink and party since we couldn't do that legally in the states yet). On the trip we would always stop in Seattle to blow off steam and see the sights. In Seattle was the huge famous toy store FAO Schwarz. You know the one where Tom Hanks jumps around playing the piano in the movie BIG (the link is a you tube clip of that scene)?

So me, thinking I am oh so cute and funny decides to reenact that and put my 8 years of piano lessons to use (my piano teacher would have been so proud). This resulted in this:

Not much else to say about that speaks for itself.

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